Not a Dime’s Worth of Difference

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Charles:  In addition to the fasces symbol to be found on the U.S. capitol building – including two monstrous-sized versions on the front wall of the House of Representatives chambers – one can see the same imagery on the pre-1946 (I believe that was the year of the change) dime.  On the obverse side is a clear axe-with-rods fasces. It was later decided that it might not be in good taste or judgment to have the symbol of Italian fascism on American coins.  So, the backside imagery was changed into – are you ready for this? – the torch of liberty!  This was the kind of change that occurred in my grade-school years, when the pre-December 7th “pledge of allegiance” salute that was the same as that employed in Nazi Germany, was mildly transformed, so as not to cause Boobus – or Boobus, Jr. – any troubled thoughts!

11:57 am on August 2, 2013