Norm Singleton Is Surprised . . .

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. . . “that no one called you a vampire after the movie ‘Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter’ came out,” he writes in an email.  Geoffrey T. also wrote me today about Lincoln and “vampire” movies, coincidentally. I haven’t seen the movie or read the book, but here’s how Geoffrey describes it:

“With the hollowing-out of American minds almost complete . . . it will not be long until final year history classes consist of watching the DVD of ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.’ In case you’re not familiar with this piece of dreck:  the Battle of Gettysburg apparently pitted Southern VAMPIRES (and the odd werewolf) against a Northern Army, and the North faced defeat unless the Underground Railroad transported silver ammunition to the Union forces.”

“Also, Dishonest Abe led charges during the Civil War battles, swinging a silver-plated axe. And Jefferson Davis held councils with the head vampire, to ensure that the vampires would be on the side of the South (the quid pro quo being that slaves provided the vampires with fresh victims, protecting the southern whites . . . but somehow the bitten slaves did not themselves become . . . vampires).”

“Your country is 99% the way to idiocy — watching the U.S. self-immolate from the (relative) sanity of Australia lo these past 25 years, has been instructive and amusing.”

The South, southerners, and everything associated with the South must forevermore be vilified, demonized, and trashed, for Southerners are the only group of people to ever tell our rulers in Washington that they no longer consent to being ruled by them, citing the Jeffersonian dictum that government’s just powers are based on the consent of the governed. In reality, of course, government’s powers depend on the extent to which the rulers are willing to intimidate, brutalize, and mass murder dissenters to its dictates. This all-pervasive hatred of everything Southern plays perfectly into the hands of the multicultural Marxists who dominate academe and the media in the U.S. today, and whose reason for existence is to salve their white liberal guilt by “proving” over and over how “racist” America is.

12:41 pm on October 15, 2012