“Non-US Persons” Are People, Too

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Radio Free Europe-sorry, The Guardian carries another story about the Feds’ obscene and criminal eavesdropping, in addition to the one on LRC’s homepage today: “Revealed: the top secret rules that allow NSA to use US data without a warrant.

Among the excuses Obummer and his accomplices offer for their lawlessness is that they aim it primarily at “non-US persons.” But as always with Leviathan, more loopholes than stricture comprise that stricture: these perverts are collecting all domestic communications and whatever foreign ones they can grab, as The Guardian’s publication of the Feds’ own documents clarifies. Yo, Rulers: might be time to plead the Fifth — oh, wait, the Gowned Clowns did away with that, didn’t they? Gratuitously, too, given that you destroyed the Constitution lo these many decades ago.

At any rate, let us imagine for a moment that Obummer’s protestations were truthful and … OK, my usually robust imagination fails at that one too. Forget imagining. Refer to the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution instead. There the rights of “the people” to be free from unreasonable search and seizure are proclaimed; notice the complete absence of any reference to citizenship. The Bill of Rights never tells us what powers the government has over anyone, subject or not; rather, it delineates what rights “the people” — those innocent of political or appointed office, regardless of nationality — retain, even when they are cursed with politicians. And for good reason: what the State does to foreign folks, it will most assuredly bring home to its serfs. No ruler worth his salt cares a fig about monitoring the villeins of another ruler able and willing to fight for the privilege of stealing their money. No, the entire point of any program or policy government sponsors is to tyrannize its own citizens – even if it first practices on other victims.

This is an old point, I know, but it bears reviewing what with the sociopaths constantly prattling about “non-US persons.” (Thanks to Bill Martin for the link.)

7:55 am on June 21, 2013