Nobel Prize to EU Damages the Brand Name

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Building up a brand means producing a product or service in demand and getting recognition of it in people’s minds so that they use it and are satisfied with it. Brand names frequently are abased by lowering the worth of the product or service. That’s what’s happened with the Peace Prize going to the EU. The EU has imposed stiff sanctions on Iran that are the opposite of peaceful. They harm both peaceful Europeans and Iranians who wish to trade. Sanctions should be recognized as violent and aggressive state-imposed measures that harm both the people of the sanctioning states and the sanctioned states. It is war made on both peoples. So, whatever branding the Nobel Peace prize had, it has surely been diminished by this award.

“On 23 January 2012, the Council of the European Union released a report in which it restated its concerns about the growth and nature of Iran’s nuclear programme. As a result, the Council announced that it would levy an embargo on Iranian oil exports. Further, it stated that it would also freeze assets held by the Central Bank of Iran and forestall the trading of precious metals and petrochemicals to and from the country.”

These sanctions are causing great harm and loss of life in Iran.

4:53 am on October 13, 2012