re Comrade Noam

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Lew, Lew, Lew. Noam Chomsky doesn’t hate private property. He only hates OTHER PEOPLE’S private property.

“Yet this man of the people, who is among the top 2 percent in the United States in net wealth, moved his family out of Cambridge, Massachusetts—hardly a working-class district to begin with—to the even more affluent wooded suburb of Lexington, where he was even less likely to mingle with blue-collar types. Moreover, he made the move around the time forced busing was being imposed on the Boston area; Lexington was exempt from the court order. Today, America’s leading socialist owns a home worth over $850,000 and a vacation home in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, valued in excess of $1.2 million. Chomsky’s home on the Cape is smack in the middle of a state park, which prevents any condos from going up nearby and obstructing his view. And don’t look for oppressed minorities in either neighborhood. This self-described admirer of the Black Panthers, who says intellectuals must combat “all forms of racism” and complains that America “excludes” blacks from large parts of the country, owns a home in a town with a black population of 1.1 percent.” [bold mine]

Read the entire article that this was pulled from. The author writes about how Chomsky also made a nice living working for his much-hated Pentagon. By the way, it appears to me that the author is a right-winger—but that doesn’t seem to matter in terms of the facts about Chomsky’s hypocritical personal bourgeois life.

3:49 pm on November 20, 2012