No Wonder the Airlines Caved

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Remember how airport security was going to be conducted by the airlines, and not the government? But they quietly got bipartisan billions after 9-11, from a government that failed major league, big time, to protect them, their passengers, and the country.

Folks might howl today, but the airlines will never want to take over security again. If they did, their “security agents” would all be hauled off to jail for life — for molesting children like this government thug did, without penalty, of course, assaulting a six-year old girl. If someone had done that to this TSA agent’s daughter at her home, her father would have had every right to shoot them on the spot. But after this TV appearance, it’s unlikely that this girl and her family will ever be able to fly from an American airport again.

Psychologists tell us that child abuse damages a person for life. A six-year-old girl knows nothing about government, but everything about a traumatic violation of her modesty. To her, all abusers are alike: monsters who will be in her nightmares for life, images that will be seared into her neurological system. And once children are told that the “authority figure” can criminally abuse them, the prospective abuser can cleverly adopt authoritative behaviors (and even wear a knockoff TSA uniform!) to mimic the government thugs and have their way with them.

TSA agents, awaken from your dull slumber. The shield of government protection from arrest and incarceration cannot protect your soul from the searching eye of the Divine Author of Justice, whom we will all meet at the end our days. Forget the “terrorists” — rebuke your superiors and the policies they have designed to accustom adults and children alike to government intrusion, crime,  abuse, and debasement. Stand up for the children, demand that you be given another assignment, or quit. Refuse all immoral behavior, even if you’re “just following orders.” Because someday, as Sophie Scholl said from the prisoner’s dock to the Nazi judge, “Sie werden stehen, wo ich stehe” — “You will be standing where I am standing now.”


10:22 am on April 14, 2011