No War But the Class War: Libertarian Class Analysis Update

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Libertarian Class Analysis (also called Power Elite Analysis or Establishment Studies) is a theme I have repeatedly stressed at LRC. Knowledge is power. Empower yourself by learning about Libertarian Class Analysis and how it impacts specifically upon the welfare-warfare state and the parasitical elites which benefit from this leviathan within our midst. I am particularly gratified that this analytical framework is popping up in the most unlikely places, reaching a new audience of attentive citizens concerning contemporary news events in Libya, Egypt, and Wisconsin. Here is an updated collection of articles, recent and classic, which LRC readers may have missed on this vital topic:

“Class Conflict in Obama’s America,” by Steve Bartin
“The Liberation of Libya,” by David D’Amato
“The Egyptian Crisis and Libertarian Class-Conflict Theory,” by David D’Amato
Is Life Without the State Always Chaos,” by David D’Amato
“Class Struggle Rightly Conceived,” by Sheldon Richman
“Revisiting a Libertarian Classic: Our Enemy, the State,” by Sheldon Richman
Toward a Libertarian Theory of Class,” by Roderick Long
Class Analysis: Marxian and Austrian Perspectives,” by David Osterfeld
“Class, Hegemony, and Ideology: A Libertarian Approach,” by Brian Register
“The Political Economy of Liberal Corporatism,” by Joseph Stromberg
“Country Ideology, Republicanism, and Libertarianism: The Thought of John Taylor of Caroline,” by Joseph Stromberg
“War, Peace, and the State,” by Joseph Stromberg

12:41 pm on April 2, 2011