No Shame. At All.

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Your Intrepid Reporter suffers more than you know as she follows the crimes and abuses of Our Rulers. To that end, she wades through — or tries to: alas, she often falls asleep — the enervating Jargon of Homeland Security Today. Said publication bills itself as “the leading source for independent news and analysis on homeland security affairs.” And indeed, Petraeus hogs much of the copy these days.  “Founded in 2004, … Homeland Security Today’s audience of highly targeted officials with homeland security responsibilities at all levels of government…” blah, blah, blah “…ensure the nation is from terrorism and prepared for natural disasters.” Except for what those “highly targeted officials” themselves inflict.

But my eyes perked up this morning when I spied an outright and yet oh-so-matter-of-fact admission of corruption in an article on the TSA’s “Sole Source Contracts,” to wit:

TSA announced Wednesday that it awarded a sole source contract to FirstLine Transportation Security Inc., Cleveland, Ohio, for private airport screening services … In the past, FirstLine has supported Rep. John Mica (R-Fla.), a frequent critic of TSA who managed to expand the SPP [Screening Partnership Program – the “private airport screening services” from the previous sentence] through legislation this year. In fact, language on FirstLine’s website reflects Mica’s attitudes toward TSA.” [Emphasis added.]

Whoa! The story then quotes from FirstLine’s website, which either echoes or, more probably, writes the script for John “the Toupee” Mica: “This removes TSA’s burden of day-to-day workforce management, allowing the federal government to focus on security oversight and direction.” (Compare that with this pearl from The Toupee himself: “Transitioning to private security operations under federal standards and supervision will get TSA out of the HR business and back into the security business. This will allow TSA to refocus its attention on security, analyzing intelligence, and setting the highest risk-based security standards.”)

And that, my friends, is why you languish in interminable lines for sexual assault and irradiation at the airports. Our Rulers steal our money, which they split with corporations, which in turn “support” —  i.e., bribe — Our Rulers. Such a nice, neat system for everyone but us serfs.

9:19 am on November 14, 2012