No. No. No. No. And. No.

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I’m glad McCain and his brainless running mate lost Tuesday’s election — the world did not need four more years of the GOP’s uber-nationalistic militarism and the arrogant and aggressive ignorance that Palin especially represented. Now, if we could have had an election which no one wins, that would have been much better. But that was not to be.

So now we’re going to have to deal with Obama and his revved up followers, followers who apparently believe that they — and maybe they alone — can heal the country and the world. (What if the country and the world don’t want their healing? Is that when they reach for guillotines, when they call for members of firing squads?) Obama is cautious and pragmatic when it comes to policy, but his rhetoric is another matter entirely. The “audacity of hope” is a type of progressive/liberationist gospel that sees human beings as the active agents of salvation in the world. Anyone who’s been in a politically/theologically liberal Christian confession has heard this all before. Obama didn’t run as therapist-in-chief, he ran as pastor-in-chief. And that motivated a lot of people to follow.

There’s little difference in Obama’s “audacity of hope” and Bush Jong Il’s “end to evil” — both focus on human power and human righteousness and the human ability to identify and correct human evil. So I will most likely be spending the next four years saying much of what I have been saying the last eight — Americans are not good enough, not wise enough and not wealthy enough to heal or fix the world.

No, we can’t. And no, we won’t.

9:29 am on November 7, 2008