No Election is Worth This

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“The US military offered its condolences yesterday for what it called an “unfortunate incident” in which troops shot dead two civilians in a car as it approached a checkpoint in the city of Tal Afar, 40 miles west of Mosul, on Tuesday.

Iraqis Orphaned.bmp

“US troops trying to stop the car used hand signals and fired warning shots before firing at the vehicle, killing the driver and front-seat passenger, a military statement said. The six children on the back seat were unharmed.”

Unharmed? That is hardly the case with these six children now having to fend for themselves in the midst of hell due to the reckless and dare I say cowardly manslaughter of their parents. They are now most definitely psychologically scared for life as are now the US troops who killed the parents. The older kids most definitely will be prime insurgent recruits. A year from now, heartless Americans incapable of empathy, will wonder why they became suicide bombers or beheaded some POW. The kids’ natural response will be, “because we live here!” I bet these kids are thrilled about American imposed Iraqi elections. Just take a look at their faces.

1:16 pm on January 20, 2005