No Boots, But Spooks

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Last week on Andrew Napolitano’s Freedom Watch, Anthony Shaffer said that he was certain that there have been American boots in Libya. He said these Americans may not be in the military, so they’re not “Boots” with a capital-B, but they’re American and they’re in Libya helping with the war.

Today, the NY Times picked up the story and confirms that there are spooks — American and British alike — in Libya. In fact, they’ve been there for several weeks. Let’s see…Obama officially launched his Unconstitutional, illegitimate war, unilaterally, 11 days ago and the CIA has been there for weeks. So, there was no time to go to Congress and get a declaration of war — as required by the Constitution -—while Congress was still in session? Isn’t that why the CIA was in Libya?

I’m honestly baffled by this, because I think that the push-over, war-mongering Congress would have voted for another war without a fight. So why not get the rubber stamp and pretend to care about the law of the land?

6:32 pm on March 30, 2011