NJ Senate race could be pivotal

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With the strong possibility of a pro-socialized medicine Democrat taking the White House in November, the key race for libertarians to focus on may be the U. S. Senate race in New Jersey. Long-time libertarian Murray Sabrin is making a strong race for the Republican nomination against weak opponents. He seeks to face either extremely liberal Frank Lautenberg or some Democrat newcomer in November. In the Senate every vote counts, but a Sabrin win would make it (all things being equal), 50-50 and give him virtual veto power over legislation and budgets, including the catastrophic health care proposals of the Democrats. (Although sometimes I think the public deserves national health care “good and hard”.)

Murray is having a rally near Wall Street this Friday at 4-5 pm. at Bowling Green Park, Whitehall Street and Broadway.

To compete with the centimillionaire Lautenberg, he will need many cents from you all. His money bomb is also Friday.

New Jersey is a blue state but with his pro-civil liberties and antiwar views, he could outflank the Democrat in November.

Here’s Murray on the 4th Amendment.

10:04 am on February 27, 2008