Newsweek’s desperation palpable

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I enjoyed this little observation by Westword magazine:

Last week’s Newsweek cover, with the tagline “Is Your Baby Racist,” was worth a good laugh. But after they followed it up with “The Case for Killing Granny,” I’m starting to think they might have hired a drunken monkey — or, worse, a consultant — to design their covers.

The Racist Baby article is particularly good for bemusement since it’s obviously intended to draw in people who are so worried about seeming “Progressive” that they actually worry about little children that react differently to people who look different. Gee, I hope there was an expensive government-funded study that uncovered that shocking phenomenon.

But I honestly don’t know a single person who reads Newsweek, so I can only guess that the mag’s entire readership consists of aging baby boomers who think that reading Newsweek marks them as informed for some reason. Given the recent cover stories that barely even rise to the level of a Hearst rag from the olden days, I can’t imagine that Newsweek is terribly confident about its future.

8:49 pm on September 23, 2009