Newsweek Praises Ron Paul

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Good for Newsweek political blogger Andrew Romano, who–commenting on the debate–notes that “Ron Paul was the only one who sounded like a person instead of a politician–no small feat for a presidential candidate.”

Mr. Romano also writes: “My favorite moment of the night? When Paul tsk-tsked Romney and McCain for sniping over Iraq strategy–an area where their positions are largely indistinguishable. ‘I find it rather silly, because they’re arguing technicalities of a policy they both agree with,’ he said. ‘They agreed with going in; they agreed for staying, agreed for staying how many years? And these are technicalities. We should be debating foreign policy.’ The other candidates–not to mention reporters–often dismiss the Good Doctor, but as the field narrows, I have to say: it’s fun to watch him give them a hard time. He was certainly talking sense tonight.” (And thanks to Jim Waddell.)

10:18 am on January 31, 2008