News Flash: Slavery Is Bad

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Once again I note that I do not start things with the Beltway crowd; I let them be unless they attack me or a friend.  Here’s Cato’s David Boaz going after the heroic Jacob Hornberger on the grounds that Hornberger, like the rest of the libertarian world, has spoken of America as having moved away from a freer past into a less free and more regimented present.  That may sound fairly accurate and inoffensive, but doesn’t Hornberger know we used to have slavery?

Yes, Boaz actually launched an attack on Jacob Hornberger, a man of genuine principle, to make a point worthy of a third grader.  All libertarians speak in the way that the deeply sensitive Boaz suddenly finds so terribly offensive, but I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that the person he singles out for attack happens to head the Future of Freedom Foundation, a rival libertarian organization that just happens to lie outside  the donor orbit of Cato and its fellow $ recipients.  No significance in that at all.

7:44 pm on April 6, 2010