Newest WMD for Pint-Sized Terrists: Bubbles

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Andrew Heller writes, “To further show that the ‘abundance of stupidity’ you identified in the Nerf gun story is not limited to one particular Long Island school district, but rather systemic in the public school system, I submit the following evidence from my local small town newspaper.” There we find the heartbreaking saga of a 5-year-old girl, playing with her friends while awaiting transport to the gulag–sorry, the big ole yellow bus. Our anonymous child brandished her “pink bubble gun” and announced to her fellow internees-sorry, students that she was going to shoot them and herself with bubbles.

For this “terroristic threat,” the gulag’s craven bullies interrogated her for three hours without her mother. (Ahem: why are parents shocked when these stooges prey on their kids without their knowledge? The entire point of public “education” is that children belong to the State, not their families. Heck, Mom’s lucky the wardens allow their charges to visit her at night.) Understandably, this abuse has traumatized Little Miss Bubble-Gun.

Parents, have you surrendered your child to Leviathan’s brutal training camps? If so, why?  Rescue him immediately. If you require motivation beyond basic decency, watch Colin Gunn’s IndoctriNation, reviewed here.

9:21 am on January 18, 2013