New York’s Governor Gets One Right?

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Yes, his proposals are usually awful but Patterson is considering allowing wine to be sold wherever beer is sold already.

One of the reasons (the only one?) for doing this is to get more sales tax for the state. From the article: “Gov. David Paterson proposed the idea of letting the state’s 19,000 supermarkets, delis and convenience stores sell wine in December as part of his state budget proposal. Officials estimate the state could make $100 million in franchise fees by letting grocery stores sell wine.”

The NY wine industry is loving this proposal. And guess who opposes this? That’s right–liquor stores, those heavily regulated establishments already enjoying a monopoly on the sale of those products. Indeed, according to the wikipedia article on alcohol laws, in The Empire State, “All liquor stores must be owned by a single owner, who owns that store and lives within a certain distance of it — in effect banning chain liquor stores from the state.” Internet purchase of wine, especially from out of state, is also regulated, giving the liquor store more control over the “market.”

If liquor stores are so great then the best ones should survive the plan. After all, most grocery stores would probably not stock as big a variety of alcoholic products that a specialty store would.

The worst whiners are usually the ones who have already made a killing thanks to their monopoly.

11:32 am on February 16, 2009