New York’s Gang of Thieves

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I speak of course of the city government. In yesterday’s New York Post there were two articles that explained perfectly what a gang of thieving, corrupt, and immoral scoundrels NY (and almost all)  politicians are. Article 1 was about a firefighter who was retired on a $75,000/year disability pension and unable to perform the main functions of a government  firefighter, i.e., hanging out at the fire station lifting weights, watching Oprah reruns (or porn), and sleeping. The article explained that in his retirement this “disabled” man has become quite the martial arts expert. In the picture he looks like one of those cage fighting dudes.

Article 2 was about the avalanche of new taxes and fines imposed by the New York City government on everyone and everything in the city to pay for crap like this. Featured in the article was a lowly Italian restaurant owner who was forced to pay $660 to the city government because rainwater from his parking lot drained into the city sewers, which the city says is an environmental no no.  The restauranteur explained that, as absurd as this fine is, he had to pay it because another group of city government thugs and crooks stops by every two months, Mafia style, to do a “health” inspection of his restaurant and can impose huge fines or put him out of business if they want to.

6:47 am on July 18, 2011