New York Times: Take Away Those “Rights” of Which Progressives Do Not Approve

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The New York Times today runs an editorial column entitled “Please Take Away My Right to a Gun” in which the writer recalls an encounter with someone who tried to break into her home. The writer claims she suffers from depression and, anyway, after she called the police, they arrived and saved her from the assault.

Moral of the story? The police always are there to help you, and if you have a gun, you will just likely kill yourself. Of course, the writer does not need the Second Amendment to be repealed in order not to own a gun, but that is not what she and the NYT are demanding. No, the government will always protect you and you should not have firearms anyway.

By the way, it took police 20 minutes to respond to the school shooting at Sandy Hook. But the outcome of 20 children and six teachers shot dead is morally superior to an armed person at the school being able to engage the shooter, at least according to the NYT and American Progressives.

4:02 pm on January 19, 2013