New York City Cops Against Photographers and Videographers

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Next time you are in NYC and you have a camera, be careful around the cops.

This video shows several arrests and aggressive behavior towards people in bicycles and photographers. Notice how, thanks to clever editing by the makers of the video, the official version does not quite match what happened. Pay attention to the government’s claim that the people in question were interfering with police business or blocking official procedures. This is, for lack of a better word, hysterical, as the opposite appears to be the case –people are minding their own business and the police are the troublemakers.

The entire video is about 12 minutes long, an eternity for today’s Twitter generation, but give it a try. I recommend the first 3 minutes. For one of the most ridiculous claims against bystanders, jump to 9:05.

The availability of cameras and internet access is making this kind of exposé more common. When you have dozens –perhaps hundreds– of people recording events, it becomes more burdensome for the government to attempt to hide the truth or shift the blame.

12:51 pm on April 29, 2008