New Orleans And The State

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Though the population of New Orleans seems to be recovering, what is most definitely recovering faster there is the power of the state.

A new plan would give the government more control over the New Orleans airport in exchange for the financing of a “a $500 million bond issue designed to jump-start the city’s recovery by reinventing a huge swath of downtown stretching from the Mississippi River to Broad Street.” Good old redistribution of income from the taxpayers to the already statist airport bureaucracy.

The next story has to do with that little problem called the levee. Due to evolving standards, the Army Corp of Engineers may have to rebuild sections of the wall along the lakefront. The state steals money to build a levee, which dissolves under Katrina. Then the state steals more money and rebuilds the wall, “fixing” it. Will this madness ever end?

5:32 am on May 1, 2008