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At long last, The Mises Institute has a section of Frequently Asked Questions. Perhaps even you have variously wondered: Are you conservative libertarian, anarchist, socialist or what?

Also, Carl Menger’s great book, The Principles of Economics, is online. We’ve worked for many years to secure the rights to do this (we ended up leasing the text as the only way to make it possible). It is a thrilling work, and so much better than anything you will read from the British School and a certain 18th century economist. To sample some of Menger, see this essay: “Why People Trade.” Mises himself said that this book is what made him an economist.

Finally, for those who prefer audio to text, the files from the Mises University 2004 and the recent Mises Institute Supporters Summit are going up, one by one. See Recently Added Media.

8:50 am on November 12, 2004