New Lies For Old

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The neocons used Ahmed Chalabi’s lies to push Bush into invading Iraq. Bush believed them all, as he boasted to Tim Russert on February 4, 2004. In return, Chalabi praised Bush when Saddam fell, and brushed off his obvious lies with a Clintonian “So what??!! That’s old news.” Now, having (barely) lost his chance to be installed by Bush as dictator of Iraq, Chalabi can dump on Bush at will to ingratiate himself with the new pack of corruptos, and calls Bush “A man with very little skill and knowledge.”

How to account for this apparent contradiction? Power is the answer, pure and simple. The Trotskyite-Leninist-Marxist dialectic allows all lies to coexist comfortably, so long as it leads the party to attain and maintain power. To describe this ideological denial of metaphysics and reality, George Orwell coined the word “DoubleThink” (the power to hold two completely contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously and accept both of them).

Chalabi’s record as a consummate and egoistic liar is so convincing that, upon hearing that he has called Bush “A man with very little skill and knowledge,” I am almost moved to believe that Bush was in fact a skillful and brilliant man.


9:48 pm on April 14, 2009