New Lies for Old, Continued

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National Public Radio Reporter Andrea Seabrook complains that she was “lied to every day, all day” during her fourteen years covering Capitol Hill for the publicly-funded network.

Of course, lies from politicians are nothing new. I have cataloged here many of the bipartisan lies that politicians have to tell to get to Congress at all: “Americans pay their taxes voluntarily,” “Our invasion and occupation of Iraq was a success,” “There is no inflation,” et cetera, ad nauseam.

But these are apparently not the lies that Andrea has in mind. More to the point, NPR lies to us every hour of every day. When it soothingly intones the names of its sponsors, it never mentions the millions who are forced to pay for its bilge through involuntary servitude.

Andrea, I challenge you to send me one audio clip over the past fourteen years where NPR has thanked the taxpayer.



Oh yes, Andrea has started her own website to tell the real truth about politics. Andrea silently lived with that lie for fourteen years. Will Andrea the Truthteller now be free to lay it to rest?

1:10 pm on August 23, 2012