New Growth Industry: Drone Warfare

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The U.S. has found a new growth industry that it subsidizes: Drone Warfare. This isn’t enough for warmonger Lindsay Graham. He wants to use regular bombers to bomb Pakistan too. Warmongers like Graham look upon murder as an investment. Seriously. Bombers are “assets.” But what, I ask, is the return on this investment in killing? Negative, it seems to me: more war, more death, more hostility to America, more waste, more repression back home, more fear, more jingoism, more inflation, more debt, more people thinking warfare is the norm. In a classic case of mindless escalation, the “reason” for this proposed expansion is retaliation against the raid on the U.S. embassy in Afghanistan. Could that possibly have been because the U.S. military is still in Afghanistan?

2:21 am on September 29, 2011