Never Will Any Bureaucracy Enjoy a More Appropriate Headquarters

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Despite the recession, Our Rulers have long muttered about robbing us to buy spiffy new digs for the Department of Homeland Security. It seems the poor, jackbooted thugs are currently “scattered through more than 35 offices around Washington. …”

Wow. Oughtn’t that be Sensitive Security Information? I mean, Al Qaeda might intercept the Koffee Kart running from building to building or something.

But I digress. “ … Janet Napolitano, their boss, works from a former Navy radar facility that has all the comforts of a barracks.” Aaaawwww.A pedophile and gate-raper ought to luxuriate while she plots more sexual assaults on us serfs, don’t you think? “Plus, in traffic, she’s a good 40 minutes from the White House.” Hey, in the War on the Constitu—sorry, Terror, no sacrifice is too wrenching.

At any rate, DHS will renovate an abandoned Victorian behemoth once Congress quits “stall[ing]” this “$3.4-billion headquarters project.” The Feds originally built the place in the 1850’s as … an insane asylum.

Some days, writing about these paranoid nincompoops is just too much fun!

2:30 pm on September 26, 2011