“Never Ask A Question To Which You Don’t Know the Answer”

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That’s sorta Rule #1 for litigators: you don’t put a witness — especially a hostile witness — on the stand and ask a question he can turn into a WMD aimed squarely at your sorry butt.

You might think the New York Pigs* Department would understand this elemental tactic, given all the innocent people its thugs haul into court. But no. So when some genius at the NYPD “attempted interactivity, asking tweeters to submit their photographs with police officers using the hashtag #mynypd,” victims responded, all right. Photos and accounts of the swine’s* brutality flooded in. Love it!

Thanks to Jay Stephenson for this uplifting proof that the sheeple are indeed and finally awakening, please God.

*My apologies to porkers everywhere. Great job on the hams and bacon, guys: keep it up! You’re productive, honest, and even enjoy raking up the ol’ muck; you’re in no way comparable to the two-legged beasts on the NYPD. I have no idea why we apply your name to the latter, but there we are. Forgive me. It’s meant to insult them, not you.

6:31 pm on April 22, 2014