Nevada Legislature Needs to Investigate UNLV

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The university bureaucrats at UNLV who have been attempting to deprive Professor Hoppe of his academic freedom are not only evil and atrocious in their assault on free speech, but are also effectively urging Americans to boycott Las Vegas as a vacation spot. Let me explain.

The insidious UNLV bureaucrats incorrectly believe that when Professor Hoppe said that such people as childless couples and homosexuals (who are mostly childless) tend to have higher rates of time preference than those with children, all other things equal, he was saying that this was somehow morally reprehensiable. This is not what he said. He merely said the behavior was different, period. This was the point of the lectue.

The bureaucrats’ criticism of Professor Hoppe is based on the assumption that people with high rates of time preference (spend more now, save less) is immoral, and therefore he supposedly offended a homosexual student in the class. This of course is nonsense and the student, and the bureaucrats, should be b _ _ _ _ – slapped.

Las Vegas itself is nothing if it is not a celebration of high rates of time preference. Millions go there, from all over the world, not to shove money under their hotel mattresses but to spend it and have fun!I love Vegas, where I’m heading to in just a few hours. I love the unabashed acceptance and celebration of capitalism there, the amazing entrepereneurial spirit of the hotel/casino owners, the fact that there is not state income tax in Nevada, and that the UNLV sports teams are named “The Rebels,” so named after the former Confederate soldiers who settled there after the war.

Las Vegas is a town that was (and is continuing to be) built on high time preference behavior. Gamble, enjoy the spectacular hotels, the shows, the entertainment, everything. This is no place for misers.

The question that needs to be asked by the Nevada legislature, then, is: Why are state-funded UNLV bureaucrats broadcasting to the world that, effectively, they are acting immorally by visiting Vegas?! If high time preference behavior is immoral, so is visiting Vegas (even if one “behaves” onself there). There needs to be an investigation!

4:56 am on February 18, 2005