Neocons Weep Over Their Mistaken Trust Of Bush

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… too late, of course, they realize that the Patriot Act guaranteed the destruction of what liberty we had left.

God bless the late Paul Weyrich, who became quite unpopular with them when he warned:

“Never give to your friend any power that your enemy may one day inherit.”

Nothing will change. The powerful will never divest voluntarily themselves of power.

In the War for American Independence from the Crown, the colonial patriots relied on the indispensable assistance of the French for success.

On whom will our future patriots depend to defeat the spawn of Cheney, Kristol, Holder, Sebelius, and Napolitano?

The Chinese, perhaps? As hated today as were the French in XVIII century England.

The worm is turning… but it’s clear that no domestic entity (Congress? Hah!) will stop the Leviathan. He’s thrown away his mask and bared his teeth; the response? “Hey, how do I get on disability?”


3:14 pm on June 7, 2013