Neocons Want To Torture Until Doomsday

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Kid Kristol wants more war so the US Government can continue to torture.

Note that the war we have was unconstitutional in the first place, and still is. Never mind that this flouting of the Constitution allows the torture fans to play the dialectic game with who the enemy is (Bush’s merry-go-round-legacy-team variously described it as Saddam, “extremists,” “Islamicists,” “another Hitler” (fill in the blank), and “Turrism”). There will ALWAYS be an enemy somewhere that allows us to continue torturing. Maybe it’s those domestic right-wingers who need rounding up — let DHS give’em a little love tap up-side of the head. They’ll talk. And never mind that Obama was elected to end the war, since McCain had teamed up with the Armageddonites to end the world. Now his mind has “changed.” Man, not only does power corrupt, but it corrupts pretty darned fast.

The neocons’ real beef is the Constitution, and the limits that it puts on their power. For them, even expanding someone else’s power (like Obama’s) is good, because someday (maybe real soon) they’ll inherit it. And limiting the power, even of your enemy (Not Saddam, I mean Obama) is bad for the same reason. As long as there is evil in the world, they should have more power. How else to “End the Evil” (Kristol’s book with Frum)? And if you disagree, you’re evil too. [Note: Richer Perle wrote that with Frum. Around the time that Bush proclaimed “Mission Accomplished” some six years ago (all those US troops in Iraq must be still celebrating history’s victory party), Kristol appeared on Fox News to suggest that, since our troops had won such a brilliant victory and had nothing more to do now, why didn’t they go next door and invade Syria? The density of these megalominds is impossible to exaggerate.]

The neocon tears flow because they can’t torture any more. That alone should tell us plenty. For that alone, we should applaud the publication of these memos, even as we condemn the fact that no torturers who broke the law will ever be prosecuted (well, at least not until the Last Judgment).

12:58 pm on April 17, 2009