Neocons have NEW ‘Reason We Invaded Iraq’ !!

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Max Boot is always good for a laugh. Remember when he was so upset that recruiting was taking a dive as the truth about Bush’s war become clearer and clearer? He advocated recruiting a “freedom legion” — an army of foreigners who would serve in Iraq, and then be rewarded with U.S. citizenship at the end of their tours (if they were still alive).

Well, on the financial side, I suppose, it beats hiring domestic mercenaries for half a million a year each. But that’s Boot. If Americans don’t want to fight his war, he’ll use our patrimony to go buy — with U.S. citizenship — some foreign mercenaries who will.

Boot has always represented the most extreme Trotskyite wing of the neocons. He throws the dialectic in your face. Lies and contradictions are as American as apple pie. So today he conjures up a new reason why Bush invaded Iraq: he blames Bill Clinton!

Although the dialectic delights in denying any permanent truth because of inherent contradictions, you can always bet on one unchanging rule: to the end of their days, the neocons will always blame somebody else.

10:06 am on July 5, 2008