Neocons for a GOP Senate? Not if Rand Is There!

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True to form, the National Review neocons borrow a page from Gerald Ford, who was much more comfortable with a minority, “moderate” GOP than a majority “conservative” one.

Be very scared of Rand Paul, NR shrieks, in an unedited ramble. Why, didn’t you know, he’s not only extreme, he’s arrogant! He’s inexperienced!

Translated: he hasn’t been bought.

Much better to have someone from the Party of the Hot Tub , which is filled with swill, graft, and the blood of countless innocents killed in the name of democracy’s collateral damage.

The smug GOP establishment considers itself the logical heir to the widespread dissatisfaction with Obamanism. Sorry, trough dwellers, we know that the corruption is bipartisan, and that the rats move easily from ship to ship as the tide turns. The only way to unplug the trough is from the outside.

9:44 am on April 5, 2010