Neocon Remembers Waco

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Dorothy Rabinowitz’s feeble defense of John Ashcroft (Monday’s WSJ) included one encouraging passage: a condemnation of Janet Reno. Ms. Reno’s “devotion to civil liberties was best exemplified in 1993, when she ordered tanks in to assault the Branch Davidian compound in Waco — which exercise resulted in the deaths of 19 children and 57 adults.” And, “it is worth remembering [her] notions of due process in a time of emergency. A dangerous situation was becoming more dangerous, Ms. Reno would later explain — there had been word that children had been sexually abused. In went the tanks and the flammable gas canisters. As far as one can tell, the ACLU launched no protests. The 19 children, were, it could be argued, certainly saved from molestation.”

1:18 pm on September 23, 2003