Neocon Chickenhawk Thinks HE Is ‘Liberating Millions’

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Since Ron Paul gave FOX News the scoop on his presidential announcement they’ve all been at least civil toward him, as opposed to their sniveling bad manners in 2008. After Ron appeared on Hannity last night, he did an interview for the morning show with Brian Kilmead. It’s really amazing how little these people, with their large staffs, know about the classical liberal tradition of freedom, or even the rhetoric of freedom that was prevalent during the Reagan years. Kilmead read all his questions off of a clipboard, sounding like he was translating them from the original Chinese. He was civil, though, and managed to ask some good questions, but when it came to the wars he was very, very funny. After allowing Ron to say that we should bring all troops home and get the hell out of there, Kilmead said (paraphrasing): “But what if WE liberate millions” by staying there?

WE, Brian?

4:14 pm on April 26, 2011