Neo-Confederates! Slavery Defenders! KKK Guys in Suits! Readers! Ron Paulians!

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When I, along with Clyde Wilson, Don Livingston, Tom Woods, David Gordon, the folks at Second Vermont Republic, and others started writing about nullification and secession about 15 years ago the immediate reaction of establishment academics (court historians), talking heads, and political hacks was name calling.  “Neo-Confederate” was (and is) their favorite smear.  Their purpose, of course, was to try to censor any mention of these topics by implying that it was all part of a secret plot to bring back slavery — or worse.  This was the reaction from the Marxist ideologues at the Soviet Policy Law Center, the neo-fascists at the Claremont Institute, National Review, Hillsdale College and elsewhere, and many of the phony “libertarians” associated with the Cato Institute and other Koch Foundation-funded appendages of the Republican Party.

These shouting statist apologists must really have their panties in a wad today if they happen to have read the Associated Press story about the burgeoning nullification movement at the state level all across America.

They want to “ignore [unconstitutional] federal laws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” shouts the AP.

Run for your life!  Neo-Confederates!!  Vampires!!  (Thanks to Travis Holte).

8:03 am on June 21, 2013