‘Neo-Confederates’ in the Crimea

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Now that the Crimean parliament has voted to secede from the Ukraine, I hope someone will do an expose explaining how there came to be so many supporters of black slavery in the Crimea. Since we know that only neo-confederates and other supporters of slavery are pro-secession, it would be really interesting to read about how the Crimea became an enclave of John Calhoun disciples. This is fascinating stuff.

Complicating matters further is the fact that the new government in Kiev is now largely run by hard-core anti-semites and actual fascists who helped lead the “democratic” coup in Kiev. It may seem confusing why Crimea secessionists, who, being that secessionists are by definition racists, might want to distance themselves from these people now taking up positions of power in Kiev. The only possible answer is that the engineers of the coup aren’t racist enough  for these Crimeans, who are no doubt poring over copies of the collected writings of Howell Cobb. Yep, that’s the only possible explanation.


1:55 pm on March 7, 2014