NDAA Booed in South Carolina!

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South Carolina’s electorate disappointed me as much as anyone last Saturday, but sometimes they get it right: When “GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney … [said] during a debate last week that American citizens who join al Qaeda ‘are not entitled to due process,’” his audience in the Palmetto State booed him.

By the way, the Feds have handed us an extraordinary weapon against them with the NDAA (the topic under discussion when Mutt proved yet again what a loser he is). Many folks are not yet aware of this stunning legislation; when I inform them, even the most die-hard statist is a) shocked beyond belief that His beloved Rulers could possibly contemplate such wickedness as indefinitely imprisoning him without trial or any proof, simply on the president’s say-so; b) utterly disillusioned with government; c) and then finally, blessedly, really angry at our elected sociopaths.

So milk it for all it’s worth! Keep spreading the word that the Feds have declared war on us, and watch the recruits for liberty line up!

11:19 am on January 27, 2012