Nazi York City Is Halfway Here

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New York City is almost halfway there to becoming Nazi York City with the installation of 3,000 spy cameras to monitor “terrorism.” One major “reason” that is given as to why we need these government spy cameras is:

“A major disruption caused by a terrorist attack inside this perimeter could have cascading economic consequences across the planet.”

And here I thought that the Banksters’ central banking system put in place in every civilized country of the world over the past two centuries has had cascading economic consequences across the planet.

But look on the bright side of this totalitarian spy network: At least we don’t need a hidden camera to locate the hangout of the biggest terrorist in New York City:

(City Hall, where Food and Smoking Nazi Mike Bloomberg has been destroying individual liberties for over nine years now.)

[Thanks to Travis Holte]

6:08 pm on November 12, 2010