Natural Disaster? No, State Convenience…

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According to a Democracy Now! interview with former UN Good Will Ambassador Feryal Ali Gauhar, floodwater from the raging Indus River in Pakistan was diverted (banks breached) on one side to protect a US drone facility in Pakistan on the other side from possible damage. Sounds reasonable, from what I know of our foreign policy and the military. Please read to the part where Gauhar says, “So, you know, you have this ongoing irony, series of ironies, where the state is meant to protect the people; it’s actually protecting only its own interests at the expense of the people.” She’s a true gentlewoman, calling it irony. Sounds more like the beginning of another decade of human death and destruction at the hands of the [American/American proxy] state. 21 million Pakistanis are displaced due to this recent flooding, of a population of 170 million, one in eight impacted. Hmm, proportionally that’s the same number of Americans on food stamps. And the drones fly on.

7:29 am on September 14, 2010