National Unprotection Agency

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The reaction to Michael Meacher’s allegations about 9/11 are phenomenal… “Tam Dalyell, the Labour MP for Linlithgow, said: ‘It’s a hell of an accusation to make. Before making that sort of claim a person had better be very, very sure of their ground.'” I note that Meacher’s relatively brief article is backed up by at least 17 references to such fringe, Lone Gunmen, conspiracy rags as the BBC, the Times, Time magazine, ABC, AP and Newsweek.

Let us agree with “respectable” opinion and say that there was definitely no conspiracy… The U.S. Federal government was sincerely trying to protect Americans from terrorists but simply couldn’t “coordinate” all the warnings regarding the upcoming attack, including the naming of several of the actual hijackers before 9/11. That still leaves us with some questions that deserve answering.

Meacher writes that “The first hijacking was suspected at not later than 8.20am, and the last hijacked aircraft crashed in Pennsylvania at 10.06am. Not a single fighter plane was scrambled to investigate from the US Andrews airforce base, just 10 miles from Washington DC, until after the third plane had hit the Pentagon at 9.38 am. Why not? There were standard FAA intercept procedures for hijacked aircraft before 9/11. Between September 2000 and June 2001 the US military launched fighter aircraft on 67 occasions to chase suspicious aircraft (AP, August 13 2002). It is a US legal requirement that once an aircraft has moved significantly off its flight plan, fighter planes are sent up to investigate.”

This very question occurred to me while I watched the planes crash into the towers on 9/11. So we’re not wackos, we don’t have any dark conspiracy theories, we just want to know, Feds: Why didn’t our national protection agency protect us on September 11, 2001?

10:13 am on September 8, 2003