National Review Slobbers At The Empty Trough

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.. the one in the Oval Office, that is, where Bush insists that his twisted ideology is “philosophy” (who dreamed that up? Pastor Hagee?), and that a majority of Americans adhere to it (“We’re all fanatics now”).

National Review once had some real philosophers as contributors, but now they’re just hacks lining up for their last picture with the pitiful, pointless prez. Sure to be used in future fundraising and (may I suggest), adorning the lifeboats on their next Yukon Cruise.

Many “conservatives” have been seduced in that location since 2001, which, by the way, indicates their poor adherence to ethics and metaphysics, which (as WFB could confirm) are indeed aspects of “philosophy.” These guys would be confused by Cliff Notes, of course. They’ve been bamboozled by Bozos. (with apologies to Bozo the Clown).

As usual, Bush asserts that people are too dumb to judge him now (is that why they reject him so resoundingly?), but smarter people in the future (he’s an evolutionist after all!) will sing his praises.

Poor NR. All their pitches were softballs, and that’s too bad for W, because they just let him talk. Poor guy. Well, draw your own conclusions.

3:35 pm on December 8, 2008