Napolitano Honored by the ADL

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No, not Andrew Napolitano. (If that ever happened, we’d know that Moshiach has come.) Janet Napolitano—head of Fear-Mongering Central, aka the Department of FatherHomeland Security. And why shouldn’t the ADL honor America’s very own Heinrich Himmler? After all, she does a great job promoting enough fear into the hearts of the American sheeple so that they beg for more and more government to protect themselves from the big, bad A-rab Muslim “terrorists”—which, of course, means more and more money to be borrowed from Janet’s and the ADL’s Banking Masters to pay for the growing U.S. Orwellian Security State.

By the way, since the DHS has dropped its farcical five-color schemed Homeland Security Advisory System, I would like to propose a new two-color scheme for ADL Honoree Janet Napolitano to consider in order to alert the American sheeple to the real terrorist threat to the United States: white and blue.

[Thanks to Travis Holte]

10:59 am on May 7, 2012