My State-Worshipping Local Sports Channel

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Writes Jay Stephenson:

In the building I work in there are very few FM channels I am able to receive on my radio, which leaves me with very limited options of what I can listen to.

I’m a huge football fan, so I typically listen to the one Clear Channel owned sports channel I receive, but I’m quickly discovering that the sports channel is even worse in their efforts to indoctrinate their listeners than the National Public Radio channel I sometimes listen to.  When they’re not shaming Minnesota voters for opposing taxpayer funded stadiums or mocking former Gov. Jesse Ventura, I am subjected to endless interviews with returning Iraq/Afghanistan veterans who “fight for our freedoms” and two weeks ago they interviewed a SWAT team member who received several compliments from the morning show hosts about how “awesome” and “brave” he is for his work.

This morning, the Boston marathon bombing was the topic of discussion. One of the hosts ranted against “people who always complain about minor inconveniences to protect us from terrorist attacks (paraphrasing).”  Another host said that the people of Boston probably aren’t worried about being inconvenienced while the police and feds search for bombing suspects, so it’s something we all should think about.

I’m no fan of Comrade Noam Chomsky, but he’s absolutely correct when he says our sports obsessed culture conditions people to accept endless wars by appealing to their tribal nature and creating a diversion to world realities.   After listening to this local sports channel the past few months, I now realize why most of the enlistees I served with in the Marines were former jocks.

11:38 am on April 16, 2013