My reply to Max Boot

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The American Conservative has kindly offered me space in their magazine to reply to Max Boot’s attack; it should be out in about three weeks. Since Max’s critique is almost identical to that of the New York Times, and since he seems to accept the establishment line on every major episode in American history, perhaps he should write a book called The Politically Correct Guide to American History.

Funny that the leftists who so gleefully post his review to their blogs are so willing to overlook Boot’s warmongering mania and his casual support for mass murder (as in his endorsement of the suppression of Filipino independence by the U.S., which he admits cost 200,000 lives). Now I may have taken some unusual positions, involving my belief in the right of secession (a belief shared by that weirdo Thomas Jefferson), but I have been consistently antiwar and have never looked the other way at mass murder. Yet I am condemned and Boot is celebrated. That is all you need to know about these bloggers and their selective moral outrage.

(Incidentally, to those who keep making strange claims about my supposedly “Anglo-Celtic” background, may I point out that I’m mostly Armenian?)

9:33 am on February 19, 2005