My Kind of Mayor

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is my kind of politician. He doesn’t bother himself too much with bossing people around or schmoozing with the local Rotary Club. He’s too busy getting high!

How refreshing to see a politician who does not play the expected role once discovered to have committed such “unforgivable” transgressions. Caught on video ingesting narcotics, he thumbed his nose at those demanding he step down or grovel for an apology. Far from promising to enter endless rounds of rehab and a politically well-positioned religious conversion, Ford has only promised to hire a driver so that he would in the future not be behind the wheel after becoming intoxicated.

He did express some regret for too much alcohol consumption in public, as apparently happened at the St.Patrick’s Day celebration and a street party on Toronto’s Danforth Avenue.

“I shouldn’t have got hammered on Danforth,” he admitted.

Since the latest revelations of Ford’s behavior became public, his approval ratings have increased significantly. The public, it seems, also prefers a politically-incorrect rogue over a focus-group tested talking points spewer.

Of course the whole thing is quite absurd and I am slightly tongue-in-cheek here (please no hate mail), but in a way better Ford’s victimless misadventures out in the open than the likely hypocrisy of many of his accusers — those who keep their far worse corruption well-hidden. It reminds me of why, like Lew, I have always liked former Washington, D.C. mayor Marion Berry.

With the exception of a former Congressman from Texas and a small handful of others, I have low regard for politicians and politics. If we have to have them in there, at least let’s have some entertainment from them. Berry/Ford 2016!

2:56 pm on November 3, 2013