Hurricane Report From Brooklyn

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Writes Keith Snyder:

“Here in the NYC metro the news channels have been 24/7 hurricane. No programs, no Saturday Night Live; they even preempted the NFL exhibition games. The panic was hilarious. As of this moment they are all still doing live feeds from all over with that weird tone that sounds like disappointment that there isn’t much damage and the whole thing was a flop. Of course they all are still saying to stay home, stay inside, and that it’s still precarious. The subway/bus system remains closed effectively shutting down the city. My cynical side thinks this was a dry run. They knew it wasn’t much of a storm, but they took the opportunity to test the waters on the lemmings of the tri-state (unarmed folks, mostly) as to how far they can really go in telling the people what they can and cannot do.

“Your recent post sums it all up. The federal dollars will flow in an fill the pockets of the connected while I’m out two nights of work (restaurant) and thousands of small businesses were forced to close because of the MTA shut down. Those folks will just have to grin and bear it.

“Maybe in light of all the idiocy the folks around here will wake up a bit, get over their love affair with government, and change their ways a bit. I’m not holding my breath. The 10 year anniversary of 9/11 is just around the corner and I’m betting that will just cement everyone’s state-worshiping mentality even further.”

9:29 am on August 28, 2011