My Heart Bleeds

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Assorted congresscriminals and other Feds have their knickers in a twist because Leviathan is spying on its own. “Recent revelations that the Food and Drug Administration and possibly other agencies are aggressively monitoring and storing employees’ private emails and online activities have sparked debate over whether agencies can and should spy on their employees,” according to Federal Times, the “one-stop news and information service for Federal Managers.” That “monitoring and storing … negatively affect[s] employee morale,” which peeves the unions’ usual pimps in Congress as well as such sponges as “the Education Department’s assistant inspector general for information technology audits and computer crime investigations.” (Imagine: we not only pay for “inspector generals” at every bureaucracy, we also pay for an “inspector general for information technology audits and computer crime investigations,” as well as an “assistant inspector general for information technology audits and computer crime investigations”—and, no doubt, myriads of assistants to the assistant. Talk about “swarms of officers to harass our people and eat out their substance”! Why haven’t we revolted against such horrific waste and abuse? Grow a spine, America. Geez.)

Let’s end that debate right here and now: yes! Spy on them! All the time, everywhere! Do unto these busybodies and meddlers as they do unto us.

Indeed, our wish for surveillance 24/7 is close to reality: “…the lines dividing personal and work-related use of computers are sure to be blurred further as more agencies allow employees to use their personal smartphones and tablet computers for work. As that happens, employees will increasingly have to agree to usage agreements, some of which allow their agencies to install third-party software that manages security settings on those devices. In some cases, employees will have to agree to turn over their devices to respond to discovery requests.”

Oh, joy! Make life so miserable for these leeches and tyrants that no one will ever again sully himself by living off and lording it over taxpayers!

8:29 am on August 6, 2012