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From time to time, from now on, I shall be blogging some of the letters that have been written to me in response to my Baltimore free speech libel saga. See here, here and here. I had for a long time resisted doing so, since many of these letters are very complimentary to me, in general, and in particular to my efforts against the PC forces. Natural reticence discouraged me from sharing these letters more widely. But, I was prevailed upon by several friends to overcome my distaste at appearing to be bragging. Some of these letters are very, very good, and deserve wider circulation. So, please do not think ill of me for sharing them with you. Here is one to start the ball rolling: Dear Mr. Block,

I’ve just spent almost all day reading about the furor over the talk you gave at Loyola College in Maryland… Yeah, I’m a little behind the times! I’m sure you’ve been inundated with emails, both pro and con, at this point (and I can only hope the excitement is started to wear off), but I just wanted to say that I’m outraged at the reaction your talk has garnered from the PC crowd.

As you know, I attended the lecture you gave on this same topic at Mises University, 2008. Although I didn’t agree with some of your opinions, I felt your statements were solidly backed, thoughtful and, honestly, I could offer no solid refutation to them despite my own feelings and opinions. I strongly suspect that the reason no-one has chosen to take you up on your offer of a public debate on this is because they all know deep down inside that you would verbally cream them and they’d end up looking silly. I am saddened to see that members of academia are willing to jump on your head over misconstructions of your opinion, but are unwilling to back themselves up.

I wish you the best of luck and I hope this all hasn’t overshadowed your holidays.

Have an awesome new year!

RT is the pseudonym of a Canadian university undergraduate

2:03 am on January 4, 2009