My Comments on the Republican Convention

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Actually, I have no comments. Some have asked me if I intended to watch the convention and make some comments. Sorry, but if I were going to watch something on TV tonight instead of work on my books and articles, the last thing I would ever watch would be the Republican convention. But without even seeing a minute of it, I can make some comments. Romney is evil. Ryan is evil. The Republican Party is evil. When the Republicans in their speeches say anything bad about Obama, just remember that he is probably continuing one of Bush’s policies. When they say anything good about lower taxes, less spending, fewer regulations, or limited government, don’t believe a word of it. It is all a pack of lies. All libertarians in the Republican Party, all Old Right conservatives, all Buchanan conservatives, all conservatives who are not rabid warmongers, all conservatives who lean libertarian in any degree, should flee the Republican party like they would flee a burning building or a sinking ship or, to make a better analogy, a rat-infested house of ill repute.

7:15 pm on August 28, 2012