My Book on the Drug War

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My book on the drug war, The War on Drugs Is a War on Freedom, has now been “officially” published. Thank you to those who ordered it directly from me on a pre-publication basis. Amazon is now shipping the book. Here are the titles of the 19 essays in the book:

1 The Drugs of John Gray

2 The Moral Case for Drug Freedom

3 The Case against Medical Marijuana

4 Why Don’t Conservatives Oppose the War on Drugs?

5 Drug-Warrior Hypocrisy

6 The Drug War Is Expanding

7 Baseball, Steroids, and a Free Society

8 U.S. Attorneys Crack Down on the Tenth Amendment

9 Why Is the U.S. Fighting Mexico’s Drug War?

10 The 40-Year War on Freedom

11 The War on Drugs Is Senseless

12 The Other Unconstitutional War

13 Drug Testing for Welfare Benefits

14 Drug-Sentencing Disparities

15 Three Views on the Drug War

16 Should Christians Support the War on Drugs?

17 The Drug War: Cui Bono?

18 Twelve Victims of the Drug War

19 Why the War on Drugs Should Be Ended

6:40 pm on October 4, 2012